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Easy-to-play, musician quality, Native American Style Flutes; handcrafted from Patagonia Arizona USA since 1990. Checkout; Cart (0) Log in ... It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time flute player or a professional musician, we are all part of a unique, heartfelt community that is spreading the joy of music throughout the world..

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The only similarity of flutes today compared to those made by Native Americans 200 years ago is they both have two chambers, a slow air chamber and a resonant bore chamber. This trait.

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Even a PVC pipe can be used to construct a flute in a very simple way, simply using common scissors. Making the first sound. In order to get an initial sound out of the flute, one can blow air into the embouchure hole. This technique is common for all transverse flutes such as the Western flute, the Bansuri, the Chinese Dizi flute etc..

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New Album Takes Native Flute in Different Direction Native American Flute ~ A Comprehensive Guide Published Simplicity Celebrates Native Flute Complexity Literary Themes Rooted in Childhood The Pretendian Tribe Contrary to Popular Myth, the Native American Flute is an Instrument of Diversity.

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Make the surface smooth by sanding it. Now, wrap a masking tape around the flute to protect it from snapping. Using a drill, bore a couple of holes 1 inch away from each other on the flat surface. Remove the tape and, using sandpaper, make the holes smooth. Bore 6 more holes on the other plane of the flute, measuring 6 inches from the top. Description Take this flute on the road. This flute is made of PVC. That may at first seem odd but this flute truly offer a wood-like sound and is much less delicate than our original wood flutes. This flute is made in a Native scale and in concert pitch. If you want a nearly indestructible flute to take around with you, this is the flute for you!.

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